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3 Places You Can Install Home Surveillance Cameras

Home surveillance cameras are a great way to prevent thieves from breaking into your Raleigh, NC house. The presence of a security system alone can really help decrease the chances of a burglary. Statistics show that homes are at a 300% higher risk...Read More

Home Security 3 Surprising Habits That Attract House Burglars

Burglars carefully pick and choose their preferred targets. They do this to maximize their chances of success. Certain things catch their eye and make a house more tantalizing to them, and these include the observable habits of the people who live...Read More

Home Security Tips For Renters

Home Security Tips For Renters   Many people choose to live in single-family homes. But, some opt for apartment living. While it provides many benefits, it also comes with challenges.   Apartment Living Deciding where to spend most of your...Read More

Alibi Security Cloud VS Success Story-White Barn Wedding Venue

Like many wedding venues that experience high-traffic from customers, staff, and vendors, White Barn encountered safety liability issues like wet floors, tipsy guests, and trespassers. They needed a security system that would provide 24/7...Read More

What are the Advantages of Cloud for Applications That Require Multi User Access?

When it comes to multi-user access, not all video security systems are created equal. This blog post shares three critical advantages of cloud surveillance as it applies to multi-user access applications, and how simple it is to deploy.  Cloud...Read More

Crime Prevention Tips For A Safer Community

Crime can happen anywhere. Sometimes, even neighborhoods that seem safe fall victim to crooks. The worries of communities rise even more in times of economic distress. Fortunately, there are preventative measures that residents of Raleigh, NC can...Read More

Crime Prevention Tips For A Safer Community

Crime Prevention Tips For A Safer Community   Crime can happen anywhere. Sometimes, even neighborhoods that seem safe fall victim to crooks. The worries of communities rise even more in times of economic distress.   Fortunately, there are...Read More

Now Is The Time To Prepare Your Security For Summer

We’re in the full swing of spring in Raleigh, NC, with summer right around the corner. With Memorial Day creeping up, thoughts of summer fun flood the minds of everyone around the area. However, fun isn’t the only consideration to make...Read More

Staying Home Is The Perfect Time To Invest In Home Security

While residents of Raleigh, NC are staying indoors, you’re given quite a bit of time to think about your home. You might notice that light switch that needs fixing in the bathroom, how your kitchen faucet seems to drip, or how the back deck is...Read More

Four Simple Safety Tips That Can Protect Your Home

You’ve worked hard for everything you’ve built, so it’s important to take the safety measures needed to protect it. There are a lot of things you can do to protect your Raleigh home, but often it is the simple steps that can offer...Read More

The Importance Of Security In Places of Worship

The headlines are disturbing. In 2015 in Charleston SC, 9 worshipers were killed at Emanuel African Methodist Epispical Church.  In November 2018, 11 worshippers were attacked and killed in the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA. In 2018...Read More

How Surveillance Cameras Protect Courthouses

Courthouses in Raleigh find themselves subject to all forms of crimes, ranging from simple vandalism to violent acts that could turn deadly fast. Today’s courthouses and courthouse staff need to be kept safe and that can be accomplished by...Read More

Alibi Security Cloud VS Success Story - Store-All Storage

Although Store-All was a multi-site growing business, they struggled to secure their customer’s belongings with full coverage, 24/7 surveillance system. Read on how the Alibi Security’s Cloud VS platform led to a perfect security...Read More

What Are the Advantages of Cloud Video Surveillance For MultiSite Applications

Retail business owners are one of the highest users of video security systems. From cash registers to safe rooms, inventory to employee theft, ensuring you have the right video security system –especially if you operate a multi-site business,...Read More

How A Surveillance System Supports Your Farm

As a farmer in NC there are so many things you need to keep an eye on to run a successful agricultural business. Every day, issues come up that can interrupt and delay your daily operations or require changes in routine. Running a farm is very...Read More

Security Still Matters Even During A Pandemic

People that work and live here in Raleigh, NC are facing the same unprecedented challenges as the rest of the country. COVID-19 is running rampant across the nation, and while this is a global pandemic, it is the USA that is the worst-hit country in...Read More

Alibi Security Cloud VS Success Story – Lebanon Church Shops

While the newly revitalized shopping center was attracting more customers than ever, it was still a hot spot for frequent accidents and lawsuits. Property managers needed a concise way to safeguard their shopping center with 24 hour surveillance and...Read More

Security For Safer Community Parks

City and community parks in Raleigh, NC are places where families can gather and spend quality time with one another. This is where friends will join up after school, where mothers will take their little ones during the day, and where people of the...Read More

Creating a Kid Safe Space in Your Garage

With schools out of session for the foreseeable future and stay at home orders in effect across the country due to this pandemic, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find ways to keep the kids entertained at home. Maybe you don't have much...Read More

Good Common Sense Practices for Improved Home Security

When it comes to security, it is important to do all we can to ensure the right level of protection for our home and family. In many cases, this also means exercising a fair degree of common sense as we look for improved home security...Read More

Smarter Storage: How Cloud Video Surveillance Provides On-Demand Scalability

In today’s fast-moving, security-sensitive climate, businesses require a scalable system to support the needs of their growing business. Whether data back-up is required by law, or solely for risk-mitigation, cloud video surveillance solves...Read More

Security Solutions for Remote Work at Home

If you are one of many that have moved to work from home during this pandemic, then security has probably crossed your mind at some point. Working from home in Raleigh, in most cases, can prove to be a huge transition. It also often involves a lot...Read More

How Does a Cloud Camera Complement an On-Premise Video Surveillance Solution?

Many organizations face limitations with a traditional on-premise video security system.  However, common challenges such as physical equipment failures and data loss can be solved by adding cloud cameras to critical key areas. In this blog...Read More

Alibi Security Cloud VS Success Story: Mattison Avenue Salon Suites & Spa

Like many multi-location franchises, Mattison Avenue struggled with meeting the individual security needs of a fast-growing franchise. Learn how Cloud VS provided the kind of futureproofing, scalable security system they were looking for. The...Read More

5 Benefits of Smart Home Automation

With smart home automation, you will have more convenience, more comfort, and much greater peace of mind knowing that you are doing everything you can to secure your home. We live in the golden age of technology, and over the past several years, we...Read More

Making A Safer Space For Seniors

Aging comes with changes that affect the body. Older people tend to move slower. They may also develop eye problems and lose core strength that helps in maintaining balance. Thus, the probability of them getting into accidents like falls and sprains...Read More

Common Ways Criminals Sneak Into An Office

Putting a business security system in place can help you protect your company’s assets and employees. It can minimize the risks of criminal attacks. Since the main points of entry are the lobbies and entrance doors, most companies focus their...Read More

Smart And Simple Ways To Secure Your Home

While the best defense against burglaries is a well-armed security system, that doesn’t mean there aren’t simpler things you can do to help to keep your home safe. Thinking like a burglar, you can do a few simple and smart things to...Read More

Managing Employee Theft

A statistic that no business owner of Raleigh, NC wants to believe is that a shocking number of employees admit to employee theft. These thefts can involve time, money, or goods, and they all cost businesses of the United States billions of dollars...Read More

Alibi Security Success Story – High Q

Like many other multi-site businesses, High Q was faced with the challenge of meeting safety and security challenges, along with frequently changing state compliance guidelines. They needed a high-resolution video surveillance system to meet the...Read More

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